Stretch your legs, stretch your mind.

Do something different, somewhere different.


A qualified mountain leader and experienced expedition leader. Richard has led extensively overseas and is equally experienced in the UK.


Short 4 or 5 days treks to the Moroccan Atlas, Spanish and French Pyrenees, Swiss Bernese Alps and Slovenian Julian Alps.

"Exhilarating and challenging trek in an outstanding place. You are certainly in good company with Richard and his knowledge and experience really does add to the trip"

“I am struggling to describe the experience to those around me who are asking what it was like – I have been left with a huge emotional sense of attachment to being out there and I literally cannot describe it to people without welling up! Plus feeling a huge sense of withdrawal, a sort of Mountain Cold Turkey”

“It is a long time since I have been involved in anything like this and it has made me question where the crossroads were that made me stop doing it.”

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Inspiring map reading courses in the Yorkshire Dales. These are so much more than just about the map……..

"Richard was a perfect team leader - supportive but pushed to get the best out of everyone. Very patient!”

“I enjoyed all of it, especially Richards firm but kind way of making sure we did it right and not making me feel stupid as I had a serious crisis of confidence on day one.”

“Thanks to Richard for making me realise that I can stretch my mind at the same time as stretching my legs!!”

“Can’t believe I’ve reached this age without knowing that a church lies east/west”

“The way Richard put the course across was easy to understand and the way he continually kept us on our toes whilst out on the hills was one of the reasons why I have come away from the course feeling I have learnt so much.”

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Team development days bringing psychometric tools alive. Tools such as Myers Briggs(MBTI) and Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) delivered outdoors.

“I’ve done this indoors before but building the triangle outdoors with natural materials and then standing in it - well, I can still remember what I was thinking and how I was feeling even now as well as where everyone else was.”

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