I would like to let you know that I am now a European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) accredited Coach at Senior Practitioner level; something I am very proud of. I achieved this during the first lockdown. It was important to me and I managed to find time to dedicate to it.

Executive Coaching is a complex concept to explain. The best way to understand its power is to experience it. So with that in mind here are a few testimonials from those who did take that brave step into the unknown with me.


“Having never worked with a coach before, I didn’t know what to expect.  But having worked with Richard, I can’t recommend it enough.  He totally “got” the whole legal environment, including the challenges sometimes experienced by women in the profession and how dynamics with their male counterparts can sometimes be tricky. He challenged me to think differently/creatively and, most importantly, helped me to realise that I didn’t need to feel trapped and that it was in my power to change things.  It felt very empowering and, although at times scary, it’s had a hugely positive impact on my life.”


“As Managing Partner in a professional services firm, I recognised I needed executive coaching to help me be more effective in terms of influencing my fellow partners and getting the best out of them. I have worked with Richard Tarran for 2 years now and found the sessions with him to be highly effective. I enjoy his approachable style. To be able to influence others you first have to understand yourself, and Richard has been instrumental in getting me to see how important this is. Equally, building an understanding of what other people value has been the key to success in terms of developing a shared understanding of the firm's longer term vision and strategy. Richard has made a real difference at a personal level and as a consequence, to the success of the business.”


“His coaching has had a massive impact on my professional development.  Richard is always keen for specifics rather than general points so here are some specific examples of where Richard has been a positive influence on my career development:

- He has helped me understand that different people have different - motivations and values and how to communicate with people who I wasn’t able to communicate well with before

- He has helped with cohesion in a group that seemed to be failing in terms of communication and teamwork

- He has helped me achieve a better work/life balance by providing some practical suggestions of how to achieve that

- He has helped me work through big career decisions and changes”


So if you know of anyone who may benefit from focusing on their strengths in a different way or discovering another route to their objective perhaps I might be the catalyst.

So where do you go from here?

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As Kurt Hahn said “There is more in you than you think”

(Founder of The Outward Bound Trust, Gordonstoun School, United World Colleges and the instigator of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award)