Over 200 very successful coaching interventions to date


Personal coaching helps you reflect on aspects of your work & career, learning and personal development, direction, personal relationships, home and family life, hobbies, interests, community, diet, health & fitness and purpose.

He is a Certified Coach Practitioner of the International Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainers Association.

Contact Richard to discover how personal coaching can benefit you and help you achieve your goals.


Emotions and feelings are more important than many will admit in business... they can be positive drivers too...

Richard is trusted by managers to board level to stretch their thinking and encourage reflection. He uses a quiet yet penetrating style to help you realise your outcomes and goals. Conversations are specific and searching.

You will explore your environment, behaviours, skills and capabilities, beliefs and values, identity and purpose to realise what you really need, want and expect.

Imagine walking down the street in your city when suddenly you realise more people are going in a different direction to you. Do you change and follow the majority? Are you sure you want to go where you are heading? What would help you go forward with more conviction? What do you need to enable you to change direction? Could you help others to follow you?

Richard can help you with these questions and many more...